Racial portrait of the Arabian Partbred

It is doubtful if there is another racial group in existence with a broader range of variation than that which exists in the Arab Partbred. Due to the different resulting products, one finds the Partbred in the breeding books of the Pony- and Small Horse Breeders Associations as well as the warm blood breed organizations. For some years the Arabian Breeders Associations VZAP and ZSAA had independent breeding departments where the offspring of varying maternal stock and Arabian stallions were documented. In the past, Arabian Purebred stallions were used almost exclusively in the improvement of regional horse breeding (for example the unforgettable Fetysz ox in the Trakehner Association). In more recent times, equal amounts of Anglo and Shagya Arabs are used. Although the demand is great for the employment of these special stallions in breeding their actual use is very limited. One can nevertheless determine the successful employment of these Arabian bloodlines. Current examples include the successful descendants of Cosmonaut ox with Trakehnern, as well as Naheed ox (2000) with Trakehnern, ZfDP and the Warm Blood Association of Southern Germany.

It is the stated goal of a still relatively small breeding group to combine and strengthen the positive characteristics of the two base races through the Heterosis-effect. Often the combination of an Arabian stallion and a coarser mare should produce more elegant offspring with improved character, perseverance, hardiness and eagerness to perform. In addition, higher life expectancy, health and faster regenerative ability make these mixed breeds treasured companions for sport and leisure. The prerequisite of assured success in the first generation is a minimum bloodline quality (for example: Arab x noble Trakehner).

Whoever has attended a performance test for Arabian Partbreds, will hardly be able to disengage themselves from special attraction of these animals. With all variation of the colors and builds they all have one thing in common: the combination of excellent performance characteristics with the Arabian chic and charm.

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